[Marxism] Re: From a college student

Tony Lawless lifesunquietdream at msn.com
Mon Mar 20 20:41:10 MST 2006

Louis wrote:

"In any case, I would supplement Bruce Cumming's writings with Martin 
Hart-Landsberg who tends to be a bit more grounded in Marxist theory. I 
especially recommend his "Korea: Division, Reunification, and U.S. Foreign 
Policy." (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1998)"

A very good book -- but one that relies on Bruce Cuming's original 
scholarship. (Cumings speaks Korea; Hart-Landsberg does not.)

B. Min wrote:
>Bruce Cummings claims that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
>was destined to become a Communist state because of its Confucian
>heritage; the filial piety and the contemporary Mandate of Heaven
>present in the North Korean infrastructure would agree with Cummings.
>He claims that Korea was ripe for Communism because the Western ideal
>of individualism never developed there.

This doesn't seem right, so I would be interested to see the original quote. 
>From what I understand, the main progressive ideological current before the 
rise of actual  Korean socialism was the Donghak movement, which was an 
eclectic blend of "Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Catholicism", a 
nationalist millenarian movement rooted in the peasantry (Hart-Landsberg 
45). Official Confucianism was a bureaucratic ideology serving the interests 
of the Court and the landed propery owners, clearly opposed to progressive 
change and not averse to selling the country out to foreign influence.


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