[Marxism] PTSD - Vietnam and Iraq

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Tue Mar 21 22:17:39 MST 2006

MON., MAR 20, 2006
Horrors of war haunt the nights
DAVID WAHLBERG dwahlberg at madison.com

After mortar shell fragments ripped through Harvey Disch's stomach in  
Vietnam four decades ago, surgery repaired his physical wounds.

. . . .

PTSD, according to recently published studies, has afflicted 10  
percent to 13 percent of soldiers returning from the conflicts in the  
Middle East. More than 20 percent of Vietnam veterans, who have had  
more time for symptoms to appear, are thought to be affected.

Disch, who was in a recent study of quetiapine at the VA, said he  
welcomes any effort to address the disorder.

He was on patrol in the rice paddies south of Da Nang in 1966 when  
his Marine squad was fired on. Two soldiers were killed, and mortar  
damaged Disch's stomach and colon.

Decades later, he started reliving the attack in his dreams, often  
making him unable to sleep more than three or four hours a night. The  
medications he takes now have reduced the nightmares, but they continue.


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