[Marxism] Re: V for Vendetta

Kevin Partridge thepartridge at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 07:45:40 MST 2006

Robert Wood wrote: "The impression that I have gotten from fans of Moore is
that he does this with all of the film project that are made from his work.
He will accept money for the films, but refuses to have anything to do with
them.  I think that this has to do with the weird magical meaning that he
embues with writing."

I think he accepted money for From Hell (which I actually thought was a good
film on its own - just a really terrible adaptation of the graphic novel,
which is some of the best fiction I've ever read)*. But after that, he has
refused to accept money or be associated in any way with any of the films
based on his work (Gentlemen, Constantine and now V). He does however allow
the _artists_ to take his share of the money - which is because (I think)
whatever further royalties the writer may get from reprints of the original
work, the artists get nada. I don't think it has anything to do with
mysticism, just artistic integrity (though apparently he is something of
practicing 'occultist') There was an interview in yetserday's Independent,
unfortunatley it's now pay-restricted (
http://news.independent.co.uk/people/profiles/article352247.ece ).

* The film would have been better called something like "Ripper Retold" or
really anything that wasn't 'From Hell'. The film is a whodunnit, the
g-novel is really a portrait of a seriously insane killer, following his
descent into madness - with several subplots and so on (it even features a
brief cameo from William Morris if I remember correctly). The film -
unsurprisingly - lacks any of this depth. From what I can gather from the
speacial features on the DVD, the two guys who made the film wanted
something more faithful to the g-novel, but the studio wouldn't wear it.

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