[Marxism] Re: The Kurdish question

Nick Halliday halliday.nick at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 16:04:17 MST 2006


>>If the Iraqi Kurds were not above receiving aid from Saddam's enemies in
Iran, the Iranian Kurds could be relied upon to make the same kinds of
unprincipled alliances with Saddam Hussein against their own local
adversary. During the long Iran-Iraq war, the Kurdish Democratic Party of
Iran (KDPI) received arms and funding from Iraq. For its part, the Turkish
government has chosen to place bets on the Iranian Kurds, who are seen
as a destabilizing element in the Islamic Republic -- its main
ideological and
strategic rival in the post-Soviet epoch.>>

There is no one Kurdish question, and once again this list's
participants over-simplify to make their points all too glibly (though
it is not LP doing it this time, and I largely agree with him on the
secular Kurds) .

Overall it seems that the secular Kurds in Iraq have something of a
ceasefire going amongst themselves in order to pull off independence
within former Iraq or as an official part of a US-dominated weak Iraq
Federation. This is not a goal that Islamist Kurds share, nor is it
necessarily a goal that Kurds living in the middle and even south of
Iraq share.

The most likely post-US Iraq government free of imperialist taint
would be Islamist. If the Iraqis could convince the US to leave (what
with hundreds of billions of dollars extra going to the DoD and the
national security state, of course, the DoD and the national security
state don't really want to leave), the Islamists (which largely are
the Resistance) would then form a coalition of Islamist and secular
Sunni, Islamist and anti-US Shia (basically the Sadrists and at least
one other important Shia Resistance faction), and Islamist Kurds--and
perhaps many others who could see that there was no future for
traitors and collaborators. The emergent Iraq under sharia law and
unity front would not be kind to collaborators or traitors of any
sort. The US and its ally, Israel, will now do everything in their
power to prevent this from happening. Which is why they view the Kurds
as their own trojan horse in occupied Iraq.


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