[Marxism] Terrorist attacks in Bolivia

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The fullest version from Western news agencies is this:

which tries to gives the impression that this was the work of two mad people:

"LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) - An American man and his Uruguayan girlfriend
were arrested Wednesday after bombs severely damaged two low-budget
hotels in Bolivia's capital, killing two people and injuring at least

Police initially said the blasts were ``typical of terrorist crime,''
and President Evo Morales lost no time in denouncing them as an attack
on Bolivia's democracy.

``This American was putting bombs in hotels,'' Morales said. ``The
U.S. government fights terrorism, and they send us terrorists.''

But other Bolivian officials discounted terrorism as a motive, saying
the American appeared to be mentally ill.

``The possible motives behind these attacks are incomprehensible.
There don't seem to be any concrete objectives other than causing
deaths,'' Deputy Interior Minister Rafael Puente told Radio Fides."


"Police identified the suspects as Claudio Lestad, 25, of New Orleans,
and Alda Ribeiro, 40, of Uruguay, though authorities said Lestad used
various names, including ``Lestat Claudius de Orleans y Montevideo.''

Police said the couple was arrested early Wednesday in a hotel in the
neighboring slum of El Alto.

La Paz district attorney Jorge Gutierrez said the suspects entered
Bolivia from Argentina and carried out attacks in other Bolivian
cities but caused no injuries. They also tried to bomb an ATM machine
in northern Argentina, police said.

In the days before the blasts, the Uruguayan woman had been giving
away promotional calendars to businesses in La Paz, with a picture of
herself naked and a cardboard box of explosives perched on her knee,
according to Marta Silva, who owns a store across from the second

The calendars offered the ``sale and export of explosives, fireworks
and liquor,'' with a phone number and post office box in the Bolivian
city of Potosi.

Silva said the overweight, pony-tailed American and his girlfriend
appeared to use downtown La Paz as a base for their travels, leaving
for Lake Titicaca and returning before the bombs exploded.

And in hindsight, Silva said, there was one thing the woman said that
seemed curious: She warned Silva to keep her young niece close to her
and not let her go outside." (...)

However, the Bolivian media is reporting that the explosive used was
C4 made in Israel
) which I guess would be difficult to get hold of.

Prensa Latina quoted at length from Evo Morales (note, this is a long
URL which might become truncated)
) :

"Evo: US-Explain, Bolivia- Defend

Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Mar 22 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo
Morales called Washington to task Wednesday because of the involvement
of a US citizen in the terrorist attacks in his country and called on
Bolivians to organize into committees of defense.

 Morales summoned the US to honor its antiterrorist preachments and
prevent these elements from traveling to Bolivia to engage in
antidemocratic, destabilizing terrorist actions.

 At the inauguration of the national campaign to give everyone an ID
card, Morales expressed enormous concern over the attacks in La Paz
that claimed two lives and left seven wounded.

 The government congratulated Bolivian intelligence for the rapid
arrest of the confessed bombers, a US citizen and an Uruguayan woman.

 "Can you believe it, an American planting explosives in hotels in
Bolivia?" he asked, adding that such actions are in stark contrast to
Washington"s "anti-terror struggle".

 "What is happening? They are fighting terrorism and sending people to
plant bombs, he said and noted that an analysis showed such actions
target the administration and democracy, and especially the changes
the Constituent Assembly will bring.

 The attacks prove that some conservative groups are using foreign
agents to frighten the people and create the image that Evo Morales"
government is unable to control Bolivia.

 The president challenged speculations that the perpetrators were
crazy, making it clear "a US terrorist wanted to panic Bolivia."

 Morales called on the people to "unite in their neighborhoods and
communities and set up committees for the defense of democracy,
dignity and the Constituent Assembly."

 The president pointed out that the attacks are coming when the
forecasts that his government would be non-viable have proven false in
view of its growing popularity home and increasing international

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