[Marxism] Venezuelan Union Leader

Jorge Martín jorge at marxist.com
Thu Mar 23 04:06:03 MST 2006

Excellent account of Luis Primo's speech (though there are some small 
mistakes here and there, for instance:

"A women Marsella Machuco has been elected leader and elections will be held 
again in May".  Her name is Marcela Maspero, and is one of the national 
coordinators of the UNT (there are 21 of them, though only about a dozen 
have kept the UNT alive through the last 2 years).

A full list of meetings of Luis Primo's tour of the West Coast can be seen 
here http://www.ushov.org/content/view/25/1/ and reports of the meetings in 
Portland and the intervention at the SF anti-war demo are already on the US 
Hands Off Venezuela site http://www.ushov.org

The tour has been sponsored and actively supported by a wide range of labor, 
left wing and Latin America solidarity organisations, in what in my opinion 
is a model of how solidarity work should be conducted.

Luis Primo is also a leading member of the Venezuelan Corriente Marxista 
Revolucionaria http://venezuela.elmilitante.org

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