[Marxism] Greater Israel

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 23 07:29:06 MST 2006

The citizens of Israel woke up on the morning of June 11, 1967, to a world 
irrevocably changed. The armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria had been 
crushed, and tiny Israel—"poor little Samson," as Prime Minister Levi 
Eshkol used to say—was now in possession of a swath of land three times the 
country's original size, stretching from the Suez Canal to the Jordan 
River, with Syria's Golan Heights thrown in for good measure. The hard 
choice that divided the Zionist movement before the state's 
inception—whether to accept partition and statehood on part of the Land of 
Israel or hold out for the Whole Land—had vanished overnight.

"The meaning of this victory," the poet Nathan Alterman wrote, "is that it 
erased the difference between the state of Israel and the Land of Israel." 
Anyone "who returns these pieces of land," Alterman thundered, "will first 
have to write a different Bible." Left unmentioned, however, was the 
disposition of the more than one million Palestinians resident on the land 
Israel had finally reclaimed. "We got a lovely dowry," Eshkol quipped as 
the war neared its end. "The trouble is that with dowry comes the wife."

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