[Marxism] Videotape captures patient dumping on LA skid row

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Thu Mar 23 08:17:01 MST 2006

The Associated Press
March 23, 2006

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A videocamera recorded a 63-year-old hospital  
patient dressed only in a gown and slippers being dumped onto a skid  
row street - a controversial practice that has come under fire from  
police, politicians and homeless advocates.

Officials from Kaiser Permanente's Bellflower hospital apologized for  
the incident, which occurred Monday and was revealed by authorities  
during a Wednesday news conference.

The videotape, recorded by a camera mounted outside the downtown  
Union Rescue Mission, shows a taxicab making a U-turn and driving out  
of camera view. Moments later, a woman appears from the direction of  
the cab, wandering for about three minutes on a street and a sidewalk  
before mission staff take her inside the building.

"I'm just concerned about a society that would drop its most  
vulnerable onto the streets of skid row," said the mission's  
president, Andy Bales, who witnessed the incident. "It really  
troubles me."
The patient, Carol Ann Reyes of Gardena, said in an interview that  
she could not remember what happened when she left the hospital,  
where she had been a patient for three days, or how she got to skid row.

Los Angeles police Capt. Andrew Smith said he believes she was taken  
there against her will.
City Councilwoman Jan Perry described the episode as "egregious."

Diana Bonta, vice president of public affairs for Kaiser Southern  
California, said the incident violated hospital policy and would not  
occur again.

The issue of dumping people released from jails and hospitals onto  
skid row surfaced in September, when Smith publicly complained about it.

The city attorney's office is investigating and may criminally charge  
or sue hospitals that drop off patients against their will, officials  

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