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... and sometimes "mad people" can be the perfect CIA dupes. This whole
thing sounds like something from the CIA's terrorism manual, "Operaciones
sicologicas en Guerra de guerillas," which was disseminated among the
contras in Nicaragua and, among other things, instructed them on how to
sow consternation, panic and instability among the civilian population,
through just this sort of action.


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> You get some wierd shit when you google the name "Lestat Claudius de
> Orleans
> y Montevideo", and his apparent alter-ego "Triston Jay Amero" - including
> this yahoo group where he claims that he's been attacked by the Argentine
> and Uruguayan police forces <http://tinyurl.com/gyedo> and that he's a
> 'political exile' from the USA <*http://tinyurl.com/n3kuo>*. Under the
> Triston alias, he reviews 'black magic' books on Amazon <*
> http://tinyurl.com/ra7k4>*.
> And there's this, where he claims he's on the run from child molesting
> communist guerrilas... or something <*http://tinyurl.com/mdrmg*>.
> Somtimes mad people are just mad...
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