[Marxism] Re: Todd Gitlin-Daniel Lazare exchange

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Mar 23 15:42:52 MST 2006

Jon Flanders wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 10:44 +0900, Zachary Levenson wrote:
> > With *The Intellectuals and the Flag*, Gitlin revisits the old
> > battlefield,
> > toning down his rhetoric somewhat but otherwise expanding on the theme
> > that
> > radicals must learn to love the flag and embrace patriotism if they
> > wish to
> > be effective.
> I was probably the only one in my shop not to put a flag on my hard hat,
> my toolbox, my lunch pail or my car.
> I have lived to tell the tale, I have lived to see the flags disappear
> and my stance vindicated. Disillusionment with 9/11 hype is palpable.
> Gitlin is full of s***t.

I am in full agreement with Jon, but it is necessary to remember that in
actual organizing of anti-war groups or events it is necessary to
cooperate with (and not excessively offend) those who believe that "we"
can wrest the symbol of the flag from those who have "defiled" it,
wrenching it to false purposes. They (we) can't; it's welded to the
purposes of u.s. imperialism, but it is a never ending process to wean
one 'wave' of protestors after another away from this spontaneous belief
of those just entering resistance politics.


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