[Marxism] The Orange Revolution and Sex and the City

Yuriy Dergunov dergunov2005 at mail.ru
Thu Mar 23 15:53:52 MST 2006

MC> Here is a fine article explaining that how the Orange Revolution has
MC> positively chanced the conditions of women of Ukraine:  

As Ukrainian, I should say that this article is a total rubbish. First
of all, think of its banal anti-Communism.

Second, consider the author's position: "Whitney Kassel is a Freedom House
International Fellow with the PAUCI Foundation in Kyiv". Freedom House
is one the most important elements of Western "non-govermental"
imperialism. See, for example
http://www.voltairenet.org/article30112.html or
for some general reading. Or
http://www.voltairenet.org/article30014.html on its special role in
the so-called Orange "revolution" (in such a context this word sounds
like a scoffing). Off course, Kassel will bless Yushchenko and other
puppets of American imperialism!

MC> summary:
MC> "In such an atmosphere, access to the Internet, Russian-dubbed reruns of
MC> Sex in the City, and the spreading awareness of concepts like human rights
MC> and equal work for equal pay would likely inspire a strong women’s
MC> movement."

I do not see ane kind of women's movement, even do not strong. Women's
organizations in Ukraine are usually ones of two different kinds:

1. Establishment parties, organically linked to major capitalist
groups. First of all, it's Zhinky za Maybutne (Women for the Future).
It's something like our Greens Party. Their main task is to gain some
voices on elections to make a coalition for neoliberal reforms.

2. Some very "radical" in their words dwarfish NGOs whose main role is
not defense of women's rights, but working for the foundations that
give them money. It's a beautiful example of "NGOs in service of
imperialism" that are so brightly described by Petras and Veltmeyer in
their "Globalization Unmasked". Usually their main task is "teaching"
Ukrainian women how to "make business". In other words, they do their
work for legitimizing capitalism, because it's exactly the thing they
are payed for! In more general social analysis such "NGOs", not only
women, are the basis for comprador intelligentsia strata, one of the
main and the most generous friends of imperialism in our country.

Really, main enemy of Ukrainian women is capitalism. It's because of
the capitalism they're unemployed. In some agrarian regions of Western
Ukraine, where whole towns have no work at all, they have no other way
exept to go to EU to get some work. "Work agencies" tell them
different things but in Europe they're forced to be prostitutes. And
how can't you understand that Yushchenko's neoliberal policy that
continues destroing of Ukrainian economy will make this trend even

In modern Ukraine the struggle for women's rights is the struggle for
the socialism. And advicers from Freedom House will not help
Ukrainians to do it. So I feel bitterness to see such articles on
Marxism List.

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