[Marxism] False claims re pro-war left

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 24 05:22:46 MST 2006

At 23:33 23/03/2006, Lou Proyect wrote:
>Peter Tatchell wrote:
>>Doug Ireland has drawn my attention to the false claims that I am a 
>>"pro-war leftist". Nothing could be further from the truth. Where 
>>is your evidence for this claim?
>These are your words:
>ARM the Kurds and Shias.
>Give them the weapons they need to overthrow Saddam Hussein: tanks, 
>helicopter gun-ships, fighter planes, heavy artillery and anti-tank 
>and anti-aircraft missiles.
>With military aid, the Iraqi opposition can demolish Saddam's dictatorship.


Tatchell and Outrage might take note of Pasolini's attitude, quoted 
in the article about his work in this month's Le Monde Diplomatique:


Pasolini, being gay, was particularly sensitive to these issues. He 
dreaded the absorption of homosexuality into the norm, writing: "It 
is intolerable to be tolerated." Far from wishing to belong to any 
gay community, Pasolini saw homosexuality as a challenge from 
society: "They have always condemned not so much the homosexual as 
such, but the writer whose homosexuality has not been cowed, not 
driven into conformism."


It seems that Tatchell and Outrage have come to the conclusion that 
"sexual difference" completely overrides class difference - and so 
cannot see the difference between supporting and opposing imperialism.

Like so many before them they cannot see that emphasising come what 
may their particular difference has become an excuse to desert their 
former left-wing and anti-imperialist position.


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