[Marxism] False claims re pro-war left

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 24 05:31:45 MST 2006

I think the quote from the Pasolini article I sent a few minutes ago 
was too brief - I should have included the following paragraphs:


Pasolini, being gay, was particularly sensitive to these issues. He 
dreaded the absorption of homosexuality into the norm, writing: "It 
is intolerable to be tolerated." Far from wishing to belong to any 
gay community, Pasolini saw homosexuality as a challenge from 
society: "They have always condemned not so much the homosexual as 
such, but the writer whose homosexuality has not been cowed, not 
driven into conformism." There is a more far-reaching observation 
behind Pasolini's attitude: economic power and media power had been 
conjoined, and the masters of the world were also masters of its 
representation. This has moved the people of the world ever closer to 
the status of a planetary middle class, uniform and profane.

Pasolini's starting point for this theme, as always, was a physical 
observation: the underclass of the Roman outskirts had begun to dream 
of acceptance into the norm. They were dressing like bourgeois 
students - jeans and long hair - and using the same slang. The third 
world, including Italy's own third world, the mezzogiorno, was trying 
to fit itself into the mould of western pseudo-universality. The 
mainstream seemed to be imposing its unique, exclusive model with the 
help of that instrument of homogenisation, television, which Pasolini 
hated. He described this process as "the brutal, totalitarian 
levelling of the world" and condemned "the degrading order of the 
horde". The new power of the market and media was quietly succeeding 
where fascism had failed, reducing people to a mass of passive, 
alienated consumers.

This depressing vision has become ever more accurate over the last 30 
years. Pasolini believed that resistance must be as much personal as 
political. The only way to confront this new order is to defend our 
own individual separateness, to be as wary of conformity in rebellion 
as of the powers that be.



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