[Marxism] Peter Tatchell: Is he "pro-war"?

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Fri Mar 24 08:35:03 MST 2006

Louis wrote:

>Tatchell is a highly dubious character, combining gay activism with 
>pro-imperialist propaganda.

I have a great deal of respect for much of Tatchell's work, but this gets 
directly the problem I have with him.  Why gatecrash a demonstration for 
Palestinians with placards accusing "Palestine" tout court of oppressing 
gays?  And then when the predictable fracas occurs, why go back home and 
interview yourself for a press release, accusing the co-demonstrators of 
assaulting you?

Similarly, why does Tatchell think it appropriate to demonstrate for the 
rights of racist cartoonists from Denmark alongside the far right Freedom 
Association, but also argue that the Muslim Council of Britain should be 
banned from the Unite Against Fascism conference?  

Why does he insist on spreading disinformation about Muslims and Muslim 
groups, such as the contrived smears against Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the 
hysteria about Adam Yosef?  His unfortunate obsession with non-whites has 
lead to serious condemnation from the Lesbian & Gay Coalition Against 
Racism, as well as Imaan, the Muslim gay rights organisation.  And while he 
is quick to launch witch-hunts against such people, he so far hasn't had a 
word to say about the anti-Muslim racism of Galha, with whom his 
organisation has often worked.

On Yusuf al-Qaradawi, here is Imaan's response:

"We are concerned about the impact that continued distortion of Dr Yusuf 
Al-Qaradawi's views is likely to have. There was another example of this 
distortion in last week's Observer (Mandarins in a Mess, 4th September). 
Nick Cohen quoted an Outrage press release which claimed that Al-Qaradawi 
had called for the stoning of an Arab if claims he was gay were true. The 
source was an inaccurate report in Aljazeera magazine (no link to the well 
known electronic media station), which claimed to have sourced Al-Qaradawi's 
view from Islam Online. A careful reading of this website reveals this was 
the view of Sheikh Al-Munajjid. Both Aljazeera magazine and GALHA have 
removed articles from their websites following this clarification. Outrage 
has not. We disagree with Al-Qaradawi's views on homosexuality, which mirror 
views of Jewish and Christian leaders, but we believe that singling out 
Islam as being uniquely reactionary encourages Islamophobia and divides the 
Muslim and Lesbian and Gay communities. We believe it is correct for 
institutions such as the Foreign Office to work with all religious leaders 
on issues for those communities.

"What is not helpful in the fight against homophobia and Islamophobia, 
oppressions that equally victimise LGBT Muslims, is having the media and 
groups such as GALHA, Outrage and others continuously misrepresenting Islam. 
Journalists should ensure their facts are accurate. Consulting with lesbian 
and gay Muslim representative groups, before publishing articles that could 
have an adverse effect on these communities, would also be a courtesy."

Report to London Assembly, 19 September 2005

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