[Marxism] Dirty Game against Cuba Announced in Miami

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 24 13:09:00 MST 2006

This is the lead editorial in today's GRANMA, responding 
to last night's story in the Miami Herald. Read that here:

And details about Cuba's previous aid offer after Katrina:

Dirty Game against Cuba Announced in Miami

Attempt to ignore Cuba's decision to donate to victims of Hurricane
Katrina earnings that legitimately should go to our country

In its on-line edition last night (Thursday) and its printed edition
today, the U.S. newspaper El Nuevo Herald published an insidious
article titled "U.S. and Cuba clash over World Classic earnings,"
which, citing a so-called spokesman for baseball's Major Leagues,
attempts to ignore Cuba's decision to donate to the victims of
Hurricane Katrina earnings that legitimately should go to our country
for having won second place in the tournament, which would not be
handed over to Cuba by virtue of the criminal and shameful laws of
the blockade.

As our people and public opinion know, our baseball players' noble
gesture of solidarity in handing over the Classic prize money to
those affected by Katrina was not a new decision announced by
President Fidel Castro on Tuesday when he welcomed home our glorious
baseball team. On December 14, the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB)
sent a communiqué to the organizers of the World Classic stating
that, in the face of the U.S. Treasury Department's refusal to
authorize Cuba's presence in the event using the argument that our
country could not receive earnings because it would go against the
irrational Plan Bush for Cuba, it had been decided to donate any
earnings corresponding to Cuba to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The letter from the Cuban Baseball Federation stated: "It is not the
money that OFAC puts forward as the reason for our interest in
competing. We are the federation of a poor but dignified country. Our
only purpose is to cooperate so that baseball continues to develop
and so that in the near future it will be re- included in the Olympic
Program. We have never competed for money. "With the intention of
providing options, the Cuban Baseball Federation would be willing for
any money that belongs to it from participating in the Classic to go

"- Victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans."

Although we are aware of the intentions and interests behind the
Miami newspaper, we do not know the level of representation of Mr.
Patrick Courtney, the self-titled spokesman for the Major Leagues,
whom we know had no participation in the intense and serious
negotiations that the Cuban Baseball Federation sustained in recent
months with the organizers of the World Classic, and which finally
facilitated our team's successful participation in the extremely
challenging sports event.

In a letter sent December 16 to the FCB, Mr. Paul Archey, vice
president of the Major Leagues and the event's main organizer, said,
"We appreciate your offer to allocate any earnings generated by the
Cuban Baseball Federation's participation in the World Classic to the
benefit of victims of Hurricane Katrina." He also stated that, based
on Cuba's proposal, a new application would be made to the State
Department for a license allowing our national team's presence in the

In late January of 2006, the U.S. government saw itself obliged to
authorize Cuba's participation in the Classic in face of the
convincing proposal for a solution presented by the Cuban Baseball
Federation and the broad international reaction against the cynical
goal of excluding our nation from the event.

That is when the complicated preparatory process to guarantee 
the presence of our baseball players in the Classic was rapidly
initiated, a process that included the signing of agreements 
between the Cuban Baseball Federation, the players and the event's

On February 15, in a letter addressed to the Cuban Baseball
Federation's president, Mr. Paul Archey, vice president of the Major
Leagues, stated: "Responding to the additional points that you have
raised with us with respect to the Federation's concerns around your
participation in World Baseball Classic, we have sought the counsel
of the United States State Department. After consultations held with
the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the State Department has
authorized us to make the following commitments in a collateral
letter with a mandatory effect:

- Within a period of 120 days after the tournament's conclusion, the
WBCI will send all the participating federations a balance of account
of the disposition of any cash prizes and any non-assigned net
income. Said account balance will include documents certifying that
the WBCI has donated all of those funds to internationally-known
charity organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Katrina

To whom do the non-assigned funds correspond if not to the Cuban
Federation, prevented from having access to them because of the
absurd and criminal blockade? What do the State Department and the
Classic's organizers have to say about this agreement approved with
the Cuban Federation? Who is lying?

While this new, anti-Cuba dirty game is being carried out from Miami,
the victims of Hurricane Katrina continue to suffer government
neglect and the disastrous consequences of being displaced in other
states throughout the country.

Cuba reiterates its solidarity with them and its disposition to give
them the prize money legitimately won on the playing field by our
athletes, radiating courage, discipline and respect for the Puerto
Rican and U.S. American publics who cheered them on in the stadiums.
The Cuban team's visit to the areas where the Major League
organization is building housing for Katrina's victims reflected the
sense of solidarity and the humane magnanimity of our ballplayers and
their support for the Cuban Baseball Federation's decision.

The manipulators and the faint-hearted might choose to ignore Cuba's
honorable gesture; but not the peoples.

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