[Marxism] More on Shia attacks on gays

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Fri Mar 24 16:22:34 MST 2006

>From March 24 JuanCole.com:

> As in ancient Greece, the real distinction in sexuality 
> (as Michel Foucault showed) was between the penetrator 
> and the penetrated.

How true! I remember this as if I heard it a few minutes ago: I was at a
meyhane (a bar, although not exacly) with a few friends about 20 years ago
in Istanbul. The meyhane owner, a relatively young man possibly in his early
thirties, was talking to his friends loudly enough to be heard at every
table in his meyhane about how he "penetrated (you wish this was the word he
used)" a "homosexual (you wish this was the word he used)" he picked up at
his meyhane a few days before. To him, that was perfectly "natural" in the
sense that he was still a "man," not a "homosexual," or "bisexual," himself.

It is the penetrated who is looked down on back there, not the penetrator. 

Put differently, it is okay to be a homosexual there, as long as you are on
top, strictly, that is. 

This does not work for the females though, since female
homosexuality/bisexuality is assumed away in the culture of my part of the
world. It simply does not exist by assumption, or ignored, maybe.


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