[Marxism] A Comment on "The FARC and the cocaine business"

Anthony Boynton northbogota at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 24 17:20:37 MST 2006

Hello everyone:

Louis Project posted the New York Times article on the
indictment in the USA of 50 of the top leaders of the
Colombian FARC (with a long excerpt from something he
wrote a while ago on the topic.)

The indictments should be opposed by everyone on the
left. These indictments are an escalation of the long
and dirty war against the left in South America waged
by the government of the United States.

They are in no way related to the so-called "war on

The "war on drugs" in Colombia, and elsewhere in Latin
America has done virturally nothing to cut the supply
of cocaine on the streets in the United States. It has
however, kept prices high, and shifted control of the
drug trade from organizations in Latin America, to
organizations in the United States. Within Latin
America it has shifted control of the trade away from
street gangs and local mafias, and into the hands of
traditional land owning families, politicians, and
right wing paramilitary organizations.

The FARC, whatever it´s relation with the drug trade,
is the largest, best armed, revolutionary organization
in Latin America. It´s militants and leaders come from
many sources, but sources on the left. They are
enemies of the right wing paramilitaries, and of the

Why are they fighting? For the simple reason that when
they tried to join in the electoral process through
the Union Patriotica in the late 1980's - the
government of Colombia organizaed the assasination of
more than 4,000 UP candidates and publicly recognized

Before those events the FARC was not involved in the
drug trade. After those events the FARC felt it had no
choice but to raise huge sums of money to adaquately
arm itself to survive against the military and
paramilitary offensive.

In that effort the FARC was successful.

It tried to negotiate peace with the Colombian
goverment during the administration of Andres
Pastrana. The talks failed. They allegedly failed
because the FARC was uninterested in compromise. The
real reason was that Pastrana could not guarantee the
safety of the FARC leaders and militants if they

According to many people I have talked to the real
reason Pastrana could not guarantee the FARC´s safety
was that the military, the large landowners, and the
US embassy controlled the paramilitary organizations
and they refused to demobilize them as part of the

The current farcical demobilization of the
paramilitaries was designed to give the FARC the
impression that Uribe Velez was meeting the demand of
the FARC to demobilize the paramilitaries and open the
door again to peace talks.

The obviously fraudulent nature of the demobilization
of the paramilitaries fooled no one, least of all the

Hence, the US escalation on the legal front. The next
step will almost certainly be US special forces
operations in Colombia against the FARC . These may
take place in the form of US soliders in Colombian
uniform, as has happened before - most famously in the
assasination of drug dealer Pablo Escobar.

Certainly the United States feels that this type of
operation has been successful before: Noriega,
Escobar,  even the capture of Sadaam Hussein. 

However, they have failed so far in their efforts to
track down the FARC leadership. This is despite large
resources - including electronic spy planes, satellite
spying, and a special unit of the colombian army
devoted to nothing else but tracking down the leaders
of the FARC.

One last note. Extradition from dependent countries to
imperialist countries should always be opposed - no
matter who is being extradited, and no matter for what

All the best, Anthony

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