[Marxism] Peter Tatchell: Is he "pro-war"?

Louise Walker louiserw2003 at yahoo.com.au
Fri Mar 24 17:50:07 MST 2006

The thing that really strikes me about Tatchell's discussion of the war on Iraq is that he
provides absolutely no critique of the reasons the US and its allies have given for wanting
'regime change' in Iraq. In so doing, he lends support for the idea that Bush/Blair/Howard were
for getting rid of the Saddam regime because they genuinely wanted to stand up to his oppression,
rather than for their own geopolitical reasons. The fact that they have changed their own line on
numerous occasions as to why they invaded Iraq doesn't seem to rate a mention in Tatchell's
writings. I have not, mind you, read every single thing Tatchell has written on this, and if there
is a vein of such critique of the allies' motivations running through his writings on Iraq, it
would be useful for us to see it.

If not, I find his sort of writing thoroughly flawed. As far as I'm concerned, one cannot be a
fighter of imperialism, exploitation, oppression, and not thoroughly debunk the allies'
myth-making on their motivations. That has to be a fundamental starting point.



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