[Marxism] Chinese peasant land ownership

Saswat Pattanayak saswatblog at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 14:28:59 MST 2006

I think a "free market in the countryside" is exactly what the concerned
Chinese academic actually wants. "Marxist solution" is just his pretext. And
this is the same pretext that his loathed administration has been using
since quite some years now to make a mess of that country. We should not
fall into the trap well laid down by the pro-market lobby world over.
Unquestionably their presence is quite significant in China itself,
considering the temptation of ruling billion-plus consumers.

 Ceilings on consolidation of land holdings is neither new nor passé. What
is true about them is the nature and course of the restrictions. In the
"free market" west, the "greedy bastards" are the market pioneers
themselves. In the "controlled" east, the "greedy bastards" are their
agents. However the hope lies in the fact that in both the worlds, the "gb"
is a small minority. The apprehensions lie in the massive financial
blackmailing they resort to.

 Lets not be so naïve as to dismiss the entire backbone of Chinese economic
infrastructure. The *nature* should be allowed to prevail over the
*course*that it's currently taking. Instead of playing by the
free-market rules of
contesting claims within their paradigms of "pros and cons of private
property", we need to stick to the ground and refuse to entertain a debate
on *their* terms. For the temptations of illusive freedoms have been well
laid out by the free market entrepreneurs by using a propagandist system
that's subtle and powerful at the same time.

 What matters is the need to lend support to the "yet un-infiltrated" power
of the agitators who are working to make sure that the lands do not belong
either to the party or to the businesses. Remember what China owns today is
not owned by the State, majority of it actually is owned simply by a party
that's increasingly working as subservient to the wills of the
free-marketeers—pardon me for calling them free-marketeers. They have
successfully hijacked the term "free" and everything associated with it,
most ironically, and leading us to believe that everything associated with
markets are "free", and everything associated to the state is "controlled".
In my opinion, it could be quite the contrary. And that's not beside the

Laal Salaam!


On 3/25/06, michael perelman <michael at ecst.csuchico.edu> wrote:
> A Marxist Chinese academic, who translated and published one of my books
> and who was on PEN-L for a while, had been exiled to a job in the remote
> hinterland because of his concern with the confiscation of peasant
> lands.  He became so discouraged by this lawlessness that he thought
> that he only hope that peasants had would be for a (de Soto) free market
> in the countryside.  He wanted a Marxist solution but despaired of
> anything like that with the greedy bastards who are presently running
> the country.
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