[Marxism] re: Great Alex Cockburn article on Dems and the war

Rohan Gaiswinkler rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Sat Mar 25 23:41:38 MST 2006

Bonnie Weinstein wrote:
Dear Louis,

I just read this piece and it can be summed up in the second to the 
paragraph, "The national Democratic Party long since abandoned even the
pretense that the quadrennial national party convention is there to
formulate a party platform responsive to the demands and programs of 
party's base membership. Any talk about resuscitating the Democratic 
has to address this issue."

This is a fatal flaw in thinking. There is no hope for a party that
represents both the Capitalist class and the working class. The two 
coexist because they have diametrically opposed class interests, i.e.,
workers under Capitalism are at the mercy of the Capitalist class that 
laws designed to enslave the working class and hires the forces to 
those laws.
  Bonnie, do you realy think that Louis, the moderator of this discussion list, needs a lecture in basic Marxism?  I think not!
  When Louis refers to "a party platform responsive to the demands and programs of the party's base membership" he means that the base membership are REFORMIST oppositionists to Bush's war drive and the Democrat party should support their stuff instead of stuffing about with "We can run the war better" bullshit.  The Democrat party today can't even manage to be anything like a genuine opposition to the Republicans on reformist grounds.
  Your revolution v's reform lecture missed that point entirely.
  Rohan G

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