[Marxism] Bolivia: Has Morlales sold out?

rohanp at greenleft.org.au rohanp at greenleft.org.au
Sun Mar 26 05:23:14 MST 2006

BOLIVIA: Has Morales sold out?

Federico Fuentes

Even before the January 22 inauguration of Evo Morales as Bolivia’s first
indigenous president, commentators from all sides of the political
spectrum, particularly on the left internationally, have begun to speculate
about what course Bolivian politics will take under a Morales government.

One of the most prolific contributors to the debate has been US Marxist
sociologist James Petras. Given his long history of well-respected research
and also of working with some of the most important social movements in
South America, Petras’s critical viewpoint has been taken seriously and
welcomed by many.

However, his contributions to the left’s discussion of the significance of
Morales’s electoral victory seems to be aimed at carving himself out a
niche based on denunciations of Morales as a “sell-out”...


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