[Marxism] on posting news articles to Marxmail, and reading other's posts

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Mar 26 08:32:49 MST 2006

Andrew Pollack yesterday complained about people not reading other
people's posts, and i felt sympathetic. i've seen it happen numerous
times that more than one person will forward the same article to the
list on different days, or even different hours.

and then i just did it late last nite, with my forward of the Dubai
article, and George Anthony sent the same article this morning. all
while Andrew forwarded the very same early yesterday evening.

one of the problems is that the news articles often get forwarded under
different subject headings. i saw Jon Flanders post a link to pictures
of massive construction in Dubai several days ago, and when i saw the NY
Times article on the web last nite, i thought it would be worthwhile
sending along under his original heading. Andrew forwarded under "Asian
workers rebel in Dubai", and George Anthony forwarded under
"NYTimes.com: In Dubai,an Outcry From Asians for Workplace Rights".
Maybe asking posters to append [news article] to a Subject: header would
help out.

any other suggestions on minimizing the "double posting" of articles to
the list?

les schaffer

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