[Marxism] re: Great Alex Cockburn article on Dems and the war

Bonnie Weinstein giobon at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 26 12:44:33 MST 2006

Dear Rohan,

The Democratic party will never, has never stood up for the working class.
Are you saying that Democrats--elected officials and such--should begin to
listen to their constituency who opposes Bush? Are you implying that they
could and will? Are you actually asking this 100 percent pro-Capitalist
party do a "turn around" and be a vehicle for ending the war?

They will not be a vehicle for any such thing. It may be possible for a
massive antiwar movement to drag them kicking and screaming to a place where
they have to end the war and bring the troops home--as they all (Democrats
and Republicans) had to do in the case of the War in Vietnam, because of the
tenacity of the Vietnamese people, the resistance in the U.S. Military and
the giant antiwar movement at home and across the globe, but it wasn't be
because they wanted to end the war--they just didn't want to loose it.

There is not only no sense in "pressuring the Democratic Party" it leads to
miss-education on a profound level. There is a big difference in demanding
that the elected officials and the party act in accordance with the demands
of their constituency, and lobbying Democrats--supporting some and
encouraging a vote against others.

It presupposes that if it wanted to, the Democratic party could become the
vehicle for change and that is not true and an exercise in futility that
leads to hopelessness. Workers' solidarity against Capitalism is our only
hope and there ain't no pro-capitalist Democratic party going to lead the

I still stand by my comments.

Bonnie Weinstein

On 3/25/06 10:41 PM, "Rohan Gaiswinkler" <rohanger at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

> Bonnie Weinstein wrote:
> Dear Louis,
> I just read this piece and it can be summed up in the second to the
> last
> paragraph, "The national Democratic Party long since abandoned even the
> pretense that the quadrennial national party convention is there to
> formulate a party platform responsive to the demands and programs of
> the
> party's base membership. Any talk about resuscitating the Democratic
> Party
> has to address this issue."
> This is a fatal flaw in thinking. There is no hope for a party that
> represents both the Capitalist class and the working class. The two
> cannot
> coexist because they have diametrically opposed class interests, i.e.,
> workers under Capitalism are at the mercy of the Capitalist class that
> makes
> laws designed to enslave the working class and hires the forces to
> enforce
> those laws.
> reply:
> Bonnie, do you realy think that Louis, the moderator of this discussion list,
> needs a lecture in basic Marxism?  I think not!
> When Louis refers to "a party platform responsive to the demands and programs
> of the party's base membership" he means that the base membership are
> REFORMIST oppositionists to Bush's war drive and the Democrat party should
> support their stuff instead of stuffing about with "We can run the war better"
> bullshit.  The Democrat party today can't even manage to be anything like a
> genuine opposition to the Republicans on reformist grounds.
> Your revolution v's reform lecture missed that point entirely.
> Rohan G
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