[Marxism] Do you agree or disagree with the following proposition

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Sun Mar 26 13:44:09 MST 2006

I will have to give the first proposition some thought, but as to the
second concerning economic classes, I would have to say no.  I have always
thought that the advantage the Marxian analysis had over the notion of
'intersectionality' is that it didn't start from the categories that is
was critiquing, instead showing how they were produced. (I would not say
that intersectionality isn't productive in itself.  I have just noticed
that it frequently transforms the categories that it is analyzing into
static qualities.)

                             robert wood

> Do you agree or disagree with the following proposition:
> Production and economic classes are the starting point of Marxist analysis
> of human society, including in the Manifesto, because human life, like all
> plant and animal life must fulfill biological needs to exist as life at
> all.
> Marx and Engels are looking for _necessity_  to put historical materialism
> on a scientific basis. In human biology there is necessity, things that
> must
> be done.
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