[Marxism] As popular resistance blocks US gain for humanity --occupation and disintegration of country continue

Russell Morse russell.morse at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 26 14:08:07 MST 2006

Fred's points are well taken.  There's a further dimension to the story,
however, to the extent that Washington is criminally complicit in the
spiraling ethnic/religious slaughter in Iraq - see the links below.
While Whitney's account may be a bit too Machiavellian, Max Fuller's
well-documented investigation leaves little doubt as to the US role in
the emergence of death-squad practices.  This is the necessary context
missing from Gittleman's Times articles.

Mike Whitney, "Death Squad Democracy: Bush Employs the Salvador Option"

Max Fuller, "For Iraq, "'The Salvador Option' Becomes Reality"


>Fred Feldman wrote:
>I have a strong feeling that these two articles get at much that is true
>about Iraq today. I have to admit that my view of what the current
>struggle would produce in terms of gains for the Iraqi people or peoples
>has been somewhat darkened by the inability of the various resistance
>forces to counter the disintegrative processes in Iraq, which predate
>the occupation but have been tremendously accelerated  by it.  ...

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