[Marxism] re: Great Alaxander Cockburn article on Dems and the war

Rohan Gaiswinkler rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Sun Mar 26 17:05:11 MST 2006

Bonnie Weinstein:
  The Democratic party will never, has never stood up for the working 
Are you saying that Democrats--elected officials and such--should begin 
listen to their constituency who opposes Bush?
  What gave you the idea that Louis or myself are putting our hopes in the Democrats?  Like you we look to the mass movement.  It is not wrong to look to try to push the Democrat party in a more anti-war direction however, provided action to do so is 'independent' ie not beholden to their politics.  Take the UFPJ for instance.  What is wrong with them isn't so much their interest in where the Dems stand.  What is wrong with them is they tied a rope around their neck and gave the other end of it to Democrat politicians.
  In the US currently there is no political party with a useful public profile that can provide good leadership to the anti-war movement.  Perhaps the US ISO is the closest to this, however it is still far to small to play that role effectively, in part because the far left is divided and wont work together effectively.  All this is a huge problem for the anti-war movement as people therefore look to the Democrats by default.  They can't be trusted of course.  But I see nothing wrong with saying that if the base of the Democrats wants troops out then the Democrats SHOULD live up to there name and be democratic and call for troops home.  Is this sewing illusions in the Democrats?  I think not in this context, although that is something to watch out for generally.
  Rohan G

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