[Marxism] WSWS review of "V for Vendetta"

Margaret Wyles kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Mon Mar 27 07:46:40 MST 2006

>From the review:

"We will be told that we are taking this all too seriously, but, as a matter
of fact, these are serious matters.'

I saw the film with my kids and thoroughly enjoyed it.  No, it's not a great
film, and the dialog is stiff and predictable, and..and...and...it does read
like a comic book.  BUT, it is number one at the box office and has managed
to sneak in some messages to a broader audience than WSWS will ever reach.
My favorite is reference to "the former United States" which was ultimately
dismantled because of the war they started.  Or the chilling scenes of
police raids and people being hooded and picked up and imprisoned.

Perhaps it will get some people thinking - like the ones in the film glued
to their TVs - that something is not right with their country and they CAN
do something about it.  Simple, naive, perhaps.  But it got my kids


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