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Mon Mar 27 11:12:40 MST 2006

This is a major breakthrough for the case of the Cuban Five.

Minister Farrakhan is the most prominent Black leader in the US
to take this kind of public stand since Alice Walker began to
write about it. 

The Nation of Islam has long been very friendly toward the Cuban
Revolution. This is not Minister Farrakhan's first visit to the
island. That was ten years ago. With his endorsement comes the
possibility of further coverage on the case in the NOI's paper,
THE FINAL CALL, and on its website. This will open significant
new doors to break the information blockade on this case which
has been imposed very tightly by the dominant corporate media. 
The FINAL CALL has long been one of the best sources for news
on Cuba in the United States, and particularly in the Black
community of the U.S.

Some of THE FINAL CALL's Cuba coverage:

Louis Farrakhan, Leader of Nation of Islam 
Pledges Support for the Cuban Five

Havana, 27th March, (RHC) The Honorable Minister, Louis Farrakhan,
leader of the Nation of Islam, at a meeting with the families of the
Cuban Five, Saturday in the Palco Hotel, Havana, said in statements
to Radio Havana Cuba that he and his organization will take an active
part in seeking the release of the Cuban Five.

The event was organized to inform the Black Muslim leader and his
African American delegation, who are in Cuba to meet with US students
who are medical students at the Latin American School of Medicine as
guests of the Cuban government, about the case of the Cuban Five. A
screening of "Mission against Terror", the documentary about the five
Cuban political prisoners incarcerated in US prisons was presented to
give the group some background knowledge about the case of the Five.

The short Cuban documentary "Ivette", which features the seven year
old daughter of Rene Gonzalez, one of the five, was also shown. After
the presentations of the films, Bernie Dwyer and Roberto Ruiz,
co-directors of "Mission against Terror" a Cuban/Irish co-production,
answered questions about the making of the film and the reaction of
US audiences during Dwyer's recent tours of the United States.

The Nation of Islam leader and his delegation were visibly moved by
the accounts of the wives and mothers of the five Cuban political
prisoners of the emotional hardships suffered by them in the absence
of their men folk. The women also recounted their difficulties in
obtaining visas from the US authorities to visit to the United States
to visit their husbands and sons.

After the meeting, in a short interview with Radio Havana Cuba, the
Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated that he and his delegation
had learnt from the presentation that the Cuban Five, Antonio
Guerrero, Gerardo Hernandez, René Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino and
Fernando Gonzalez, were part of a group to infiltrate terrorist
organizations within the Cuban community in the United States that
were planning terrorist actions against the government and the people
of Cuba.

He also said: "we have learnt of the horror of the legal system and
the wickedness of those that have manipulated that system to put
innocent people in jail. So we hope to learn more and do as much as
we can to help those who are fighting to release the Cuban Five.

When asked if he sees any parallels between the attitudes of the US
government to the Nation of Islam and its treatment of the Cuban
Five, The Honorable Minister replied:

"There are always parallels between those who suffer injustice and
the more that we find the ways to unite our efforts, the stronger
will be our effort to free those who are in prison unjustly but the
main thing is to establish justice".

Afro-American Leaders on Cuba's Round Table Program

Members of a delegation of Afro-American leaders headed by Nation of
Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan will participate on the Cuban
television and radio program The Round Table on Monday evening at
6:30 p.m. local time.

The delegation has been in Cuba for a week long visit that is
scheduled to conclude on Tuesday.

The Nation of Islam is a religious and socio-political organization
founded in the US Mid West in 1930, which spread to the South, and
received national acceptance. It has mosques in more than 120 cities
in the US, Europe and the Caribbean.

The group does extensive work in defense of the US black population,
and its leader, Louis Farrakhan, has maintained a position of
solidarity in defense of the Cuban Revolution, support for the
Palestinian people, and rejection of the US war against Iraq.

The Round Table is broadcast nationwide and internationally on
Cubavision Internacional.

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