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Szechuan Death sdeath at sdeath.net
Mon Mar 27 16:50:39 MST 2006

Charles Brown wrote:

> Was I materially incorrect?  >;->
> ^^^^^^^
> CB; Yes. You are slandering the list and its members. You are lying about
> what we say and think.
> Particularly vicious is your slander that 
> "Their stated worldview consists of the root premise that it is okay to kill
> you and take your belongings"

I'm not going to engage past this message - I suspect *this* List
Commissar is even less forgiving than Mr. Henwood, forgive me my
intrusion, Cde. Proyect, I *really* am not here to provoke, at this
point I am simply waiting quietly to see if a decent refutation of
Austrian theory that doesn't make use of cant, hysteria, half-truths
or outright lies passes by my eyes - but I will make a couple of
observations in response to Mr. Brown and the other:

a)  "Slander" is verbal communication.  "Libel" is written
communication, to include email and Web publishing.  Correctness in
all things.

b)  It is not possible to slander *or* libel a list, or its members as
a group.  Slander and libel must have definitive, individual targets.

c)  Libel does not apply to the writing of an opinion, only to the
misrepresentation of a fact.  Since the preponderance of available
evidence is that Marxists and collectivists of all stripe *do* intend
(and publicly state) that they wish to kill and enslave their enemies,
or endorse philosophies that have that activity as an ineluctable
consequence, I win.  QED.  If the discussion is kept in the realm of
"opinions", then that's *my* opinion, and you lose.

d)  Yes, Marxists very much *do* believe such things.  How about that
lovely phrase, "expropriating the expropriators"?  What the hell does
*that* mean?  Kill 'em and eat 'em, of course.  Shall I go to my copy
of Capital?  "Economic and Philosophic texts"?  Something else in my
library, too much to list here?  This kernel of that philosophy ("kill/
steal"), and its justification, comprises the majority of Marxist
texts.  If you doubt me:  What shall you do if the "expropriators"
decide that they would like to *keep* their property?  What is your plan
to arrange society as you believe it *should* be arranged, and how do
you plan to keep it that way? Same-same, right?

Since Marxism, like the ouroboros, eats its own tail by defining private
ownership of capital as exploitation and expropriation in se (and,
perversely, the free negotiation of a labor price also as
"exploitation", a concept that I find puzzling; how is it that a man
who freely agrees to a wage is being "exploited"?  he is discounting
any possible future value of his labor, positive *or negative*, in
exchange for a paycheck now, that's it), anybody who attempts or desires
such ownership is a criminal, and therefore subject to sanction.  That's
a result straight from Marx; the practice and history is a helluva lot
more brutal.  How many on this very list want to see their ideological
enemies dead, partaking of that control-based sex-bondage-murder fantasy
about "seizing the organs of power"?  Yeah.

But this list is for Marxists, and not for Austrians.  As I said; I'm
just here prospecting for a good rebuttal (what good is a philosophy
that cannot withstand challenge, after all?), and highlighting to other
potential interested parties this list's existence.  (You could even
think of it as free advertising.)  I will therefore shut up unless
specifically invited to speak.  I freely admit that I *may* be mistaken;
if I am in error, or have fundamentally misunderstood something, by all
means correct me.  (Conjecture:  if any group possesses the aggregate
and individual motivation to rebut theories of social organization
rooted in the concepts of private property and the free market, and to
explain the desirability of what *seems* in theory and practice to be
slavery, this has to be it.)  I will also freely admit that there may
be areas of common ground, but doubt very much that we shall discover
where those lie.  Oh well, c'est la vie.

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