[Marxism] Flattering words about Marxmail

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Mar 27 16:57:41 MST 2006

S. Death wrote:
>But this list is for Marxists, and not for Austrians.  As I said; I'm
>just here prospecting for a good rebuttal (what good is a philosophy
>that cannot withstand challenge, after all?), and highlighting to other
>potential interested parties this list's existence.  (You could even
>think of it as free advertising.)  I will therefore shut up unless
>specifically invited to speak.  I freely admit that I *may* be mistaken;
>if I am in error, or have fundamentally misunderstood something, by all
>means correct me.  (Conjecture:  if any group possesses the aggregate
>and individual motivation to rebut theories of social organization
>rooted in the concepts of private property and the free market, and to
>explain the desirability of what *seems* in theory and practice to be
>slavery, this has to be it.)  I will also freely admit that there may
>be areas of common ground, but doubt very much that we shall discover
>where those lie.  Oh well, c'est la vie.

This list was not really set up for debate between Marxists and 
non-Marxists. Frankly, I was startled to see your post today. That 
certainly was the objective of Doug Henwood's LBO-Talk, among other things. 
Apparently Doug ejected you from LBO-Talk for being "acerbic". That's too 
bad because you seem better off there than here. In any case, I would 
strongly recommend comrades not to get into a debate about the merits of 
capitalism versus socialism. The assumption is that we have already have a 
consensus around that.


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