[Marxism] Peru Polls Show Humala Favorite

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 27 18:02:27 MST 2006

Wall Street Journal report on Ollanta Humala:
Peru May Join Latin America's Populist Tilt to Left
Free-Trade Opponent's Lead In Polls Poses 
New Challenge To Market Reforms in Region

Peru Polls Show Humala Favorite

Lima, Mar 27 (Prensa Latina) Peruvian Union for Peru presidential
runner Ollanta Humala woke up Monday leading the polls in the race
towards the April 9 elections.

An Apoyo Opinion y Mercado S.A company survey gave Humala a 33
percent lead over his closest rival, National Unity Alliance
contender Lourdes Flores with 27.

Peruvian Aprista Party´s Alan Garcia is third with 22 percent,
followed by Alliance for the Future Martha Chavez (7) and Frente de
Centro Valentin Paniagua (6).

The poll, taken March 22-24 on 2000 voters and with less than 2.2
percent margin of error, produced 8 percent blank ballots and showed
high abstention among Peruvians.


Peru Humala for LatAm Integration

Lima, Mar 27 (Prensa Latina) Peruvian Presidential candidate Ollanta
Humala assured that Latin America needs to defend regional education,
health and socio-economic development for the people.

Humala, currently leading vote intentions, told the TV program Cuarto
Poder that such regional unity is not a position against anyone in
particular, in clear allusion to the US.

The ret. Lt. Col. voiced support of freedom of expression and the
Peruvians" right to access information which he intends to secure if
he wins the Apr 9 elections through legal mechanisms.

After calling the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela a process that
deserves respect, Humala said his agenda coincides with those of
Caracas, La Paz and Brasilia in the energy field.

The candidate for Union por el Peru Party (UPP) also called for the
Armed Forces to restore their morale, and modernize to create enough
dissuading power without engaging in an arms race.


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