[Marxism] Re: French Youth at the Barricades, But a Revolution? It Can Wait,

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Mar 28 08:05:01 MST 2006

> The "general line" of the media is to emphasis differences among
> those protesting the new law which would allow employers to fire
> workers, essentially in what's called a "probationary period" in
> the United States. They want to encourage division in the minds
> of the readers, if they can't do it on the streets in France. --Walter

The article is also arrogant, snotty, snide, and stupid. Those  
French, how lazy they are. Yet, by capitalist standards, the French  
are the most productive workers in the world, even taking into  
account the 4 weeks off, plus many holidays, and "demos." Could it be  
that work is less onerous when there are fewer hours and it is more  
rationally planned?

Let me use this to add my two bits on Charles Brown's question. I  
don't think that economic necessity is "necessarily" a driving force  
for social or technological transformation. Workers are paid at their  
value. It is the economic, social, and political tensions and crises  
of capitalism, as well as with earlier forms of production, that lead  
to social transformation.

Technological change is also not necessarily caused by necessity.  
There is also the intellectual and emotional pleasure of improvement,  
including the reduction of necessary labor time. Historically, this  
is not always or even mostly caused by economic necessity. It is also  
to enjoy more freedom and more pleasure.

Brian Shannon

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