[Marxism] Afghan Christian convert is freed

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Mar 28 09:24:47 MST 2006

In principle, despite the high-minded words from Sec. Rice, there is  
little to distinguish the attitude of the Afghan society towards this  
Christian convert from the attitude towards the Communist Party  
during the Cold War. Up to a 100 members were sentenced to long  
prison terms, some fled abroad to get jobs equivalent in character to  
those in the U.S., and to escape from outraged neighbors. And  
Communists and members of similar other socialist organizations were  
told that if they didn't like it here, why not go out.

True, none were threatened with death. However, under the McCarran/ 
Humphrey law (Yes, Hubert Humphrey) camps were readied for  
subversives and lists of organizations and individuals were drawn up  
by the U.S. government. There was an Attorney General's list of  
designated organizations that included the CP and SWP, the IWW and  
other organizations with ties to the CP.

The U.S. government is no more interested in democracy for Mr.  
Rahman, than it was interested in it for U.S. citizens.

Brian Shannon


Afghan Christian convert is freed
Tue Mar 28, 2006 10:18 AM EST

By Sayed Salahuddin

KABUL (Reuters) - An Afghan threatened with execution for abandoning  
Islam for Christianity has been freed, Kabul said on Tuesday, after  
pressure from the Western states whose troops helped bring the Afghan  
government to power.

Abdur Rahman, 40, was jailed this month for rejecting his faith.  
Judicial officials said he could have faced trial under Islamic  
sharia law stipulating death as punishment for apostasy.

"I can confirm that he was released," said Justice Minister Sarwar  
Danish. "He is not in detention. I do not know if he is with his  
family or where, but he has been acquitted."

Danish said he could not comment on the legal grounds for Rahman's  
release. Judicial officials had raised questions about his mental  
state and said he had to undergo psychiatric tests.

Rahman's whereabouts were being kept secret to ensure his safety,  
officials said. He is seeking asylum abroad.

FULL AT http://makeashorterlink.com/?X35015FDC


Fox News, March 23:

[Condoleeza] Rice said religious freedom is the heart of democracy, a  
principle she hopes Afghanistan would uphold in its constitution in  
considering Rahman's case.

“We have raised it in the strongest possible terms to make clear that  
it is our great hope and desire that Afghanistan will reaffirm what  
is already in its constitution, that the universal declaration on  
human rights will be respected, and that this will be resolved in a  
way that is consistent with those principles," Rice said.

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