[Marxism] Do you agree or disagree with the following proposition ?

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Tue Mar 28 09:38:26 MST 2006


CB; I use "biology" because only meeting our physiological needs is
materially necessary. They are the only activities that we really _must_ do,
from the standpoint of the material world. Everything else that humans do is
"optional". As long as we meet our biological minimums, we can do anything
else we want to do.

* * *

Andrew: This is wrong, Charles. Without society there are no humans. Meeting
our physiological needs is not possible without society. Therefore social
activity is materially necessary.


CB: What you say is true, but it doesn't make what I said wrong. I did not
say that the human ways of meeting physiological needs are not highly social
or I did not say that humans don't meet their physiological needs in a
highly social manner as compared with other species.

Since for humans, the ways of meeting their physiological needs are done
very socially, it is definitely true, as you say , that social activity is
materially necessary (i.e. more social than other species).

However, not all of humans' social activities are necessary to meet their
physiological needs. Therefore it is only the social activities that meet
physiological needs that are necessary. Thus, Marxists focus on the specific
area of social activities that meet physiological needs as the locus of the
source of changes in society.


History is the _change_ from one historical period to another. 

* * *

How can we then talk about the history of capitalism? Andrew


CB: The history of capitalism, capitalist property, is a long series of
events wherein the bourgeoisie dominate the working class and colonies, and
the bourgeoisie fight each other. The next step in the history of society,
the change from one form of property to another, will be the overthrow of
the bourgeoisie.

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