[Marxism] Brain-dead words about exploitation (was: Re: Flattering words about Marxmail)

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 28 20:24:45 MST 2006

Szechuan Death writes: "how is it that a man who freely agrees to a wage is
being 'exploited'?"

And I wonder how it is that someone who knows how to read and write could
possible be so benightedly stupid as to ask such a question? From the
idiomatic uasage and despite the name, it is clear we're dealing with that
all-too-common species of homo yanqui imperialistis, related to but quite
decidedly not sapiens. 

So I would urge Louis to unsub the troll. It is at least as much of an
irritation as a flat-earther at a conclave of rocket scientists discussing
orbital ballistics. This we do not need.


Las barras y las estrellas se adueñan de mi bandera,
Y nuestra libertad no es otra cosa que una ramera.
Y si la deuda externa nos robo la primavera,
¡Al diablo la geografia se acabaron las fronteras!
      --Ricardo Arjona, "Si el norte fuera el sur"

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