[Marxism] New Politics immigrant-bashing

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 29 06:27:40 MST 2006

Just received this note from Merlin Chowkwanyun, who used to be at Columbia 
University and who has written for www.pressaction.com.


You might be interested in an inflammatory article by Stephen Steinberg 
that argues along lines similar to Krugman that originally came out in New 
Politics (edited by your fav, Joanne Landy) a few months ago:


It was reproduced in a recent issue of New Labor Review, which my friend 
has uploaded here.  Scroll down.  Unfortunately, no immigration sociologist 
wrote a rebuttal, but the Gerstle and Reed ones are particularly good.



I took a look at the Steinberg article and it is truly atrocious:

"There is also a need to take off our political blinders and to confront 
the neoliberal underpinnings of current immigration policy. There is 
nothing progressive about flooding the lower echelons of the labor market 
with desperate immigrants who depress wages for each other as well as 
native workers. It is also problematic when the nation imports workers to 
fill higher echelons of the job pyramid, instead of upgrading the skills of 
native workers. For example, we import thousands of nurses from the 
Philippines and the Caribbean and then shut down nursing schools that 
traditionally provided channels of upward mobility for working-class women. 
Indeed, the traffic in nurses has become an export industry, with the 
additional irony is that there is a shortage of nurses in the Philippines."

And so on.

New Politics was founded by Julie Jacobson, who died a year or so ago. It 
is one of the main outlets in the USA for Cuba-bashing. Joanne Landy is a 
long-time petition circulator, always hoodwinking leftists to denounce 
Fidel Castro, Slobodan Milosevic or some other villain of the moment 
designated by the State Department.

So I don't find it that surprising that they would be publishing 
anti-immigration tripe. It goes with the territory.



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