[Marxism] Latino high-school walkouts in L.A. 1968/2006

Jon Flanders jonflanders at jflan.net
Wed Mar 29 06:49:35 MST 2006

It strikes me that the greatest weapon that the ruling class employed
against the undocumented workers has now turned into these
super-exploited  workers greatest strength, namely their illegal status.

Denied the normal avenues of voting for political representatives in a
capitalist democracy, the "illegals" have been forced, indeed those who
lead them have been forced, to use the real power of the working class,
demonstrations, walkouts and strikes.

In so doing they threaten to inspire the rest of the working class,
increasingly disillusioned with the results of their "normal" rights
under the rubric of democracy.

The question now is can the ruling class stuff this genie back in the

Jon Flanders

On Wed, 2006-03-29 at 05:30 -0800, Russell Morse wrote:
> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/max-blumenthal/walkout_b_18016.html
> Walkout!
> By Max Blumenthal 
> HuffingtonPost.com

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