[Marxism] Do you agree or disagree with the following proposition ?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 29 07:00:32 MST 2006

>By Bob Gould
>2.In the same spirit of the right of nations to self-determination, and in 
>the face of the rapid collapse of the imperialist invasion of Iraq, should 
>Marxists and socialists internationally lend their vigorous support to the 
>continuing autonomy of Iraqi Kurdistan and its eventual independence, or 
>should they support, as some seem to advocate, the military conquest of 
>Iraqi Kurdistan by a restored Iraqi state?

The left has never backed military campaigns against the Kurds, either in 
Iraq--or in Turkey or Iran for that matter. Speaking for myself, I have 
tried to document the truly awful missteps of the official Kurdish 
leadership which has been one of open collaboration with imperialism and 
abuse of its own people.

>3.In the face of the decision soon to be made by the European Union and 
>the UN about the future of Kosovo, should Marxists and socialists support 
>the independence of the Albanian seven-eighths of Kosovo, or should they, 
>as some argue, support the re-establishment of Serbian rule over Kosovo?

Frankly, this is hardly a burning question for the left. I could care less 
about "Serbian rule" in and of itself, especially with respect to the IMF 
and NATO collaborators in power in Belgrade nowadays. They and the KLA 
remnants running Kosovo can go to hell.



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