[Marxism] Gays in Cuba, from the Hollywood School of Falsification

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 29 07:57:58 MST 2006

Gays in Cuba, from the Hollywood School of Falsification 
A Movie Review of "Before Night Falls" (October 2001)

by Leonardo Hechavarría and Marcel Hatch
Edited and web-posted by Walter Lippmann


A "Before Night Falls" is not a crude "Reefer Madness" type of scare
flick. Instead, it's finely crafted cinema, with strong performances
by a top-flight international cast featuring Javier Bardem, Olivier
Martinez, Andrea Di Stefano, Johnny Depp and Sean Penn. This U.S.
production, directed by Julian Schnabel, and shot in Mexico, has
grabbed numerous awards with its rich visuals and heart-rending
emotionalism. Billed as a "true story," it is also chock full of
half-truths and sophisticated anti-Castro hogwash packaged as art and
poetry, wrapped in sexuality. And, true to formula, the homosexual
dies before the final credits roll.

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