[Marxism] James Petras: The Tyranny Of Israel Over America

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 29 12:24:53 MST 2006

Walter wrote:
>On THIS subject, Petras is 100% correct. Until the United States can
>participate as a responsible member of the international community,
>it would definitely be better, for the rest of humanity today, were
>the United States were to remain "free from foreign entanglements".

Well, this seems to be a rather idealistic formulation given the realities 
of imperialism.

>It's unclear from this kranky remark which among Washington's various
>"foreign entanglements" Petras's critic believes are indeed positive.
>Perhaps he could compile a list of Washington's positive "entangle-
>ments. It's good to be objective and if there are some positive ones
>which aren't being considered, they certainly should be. Until there
>is some positive social change, foreign Petras is right about this.

Petras, like Mearsheimer and Walt, assumes that Israel is somehow 
interjecting itself into US internal affairs so as to manipulate US foreign 
policy in the wrong way. Mearsheimer and Walt dwell on the role of the 
Israel lobby while Petras seems positively obsessed with the Mossad. Israel 
does not exercise a "tyranny" over US foreign policy. US foreign policy is 
simply an extension of English foreign policy that goes back to the Balfour 

He writes, "According to my newspaper sources, the case of Judith Miller 
passing Israeli disinformation was common practice throughout the 1980's 
and 1990's. Many of the top journalists and editorial writers knowingly 
accepted and published or broadcast Israeli disinformation disseminated by 
Mossad agents acting as political officers in the Israeli Embassy."

This is just plain silly. The NY Times does not need the Israeli Embassy or 
Mossad agents to print the garbage that they do just as they didn't need 
somebody like Mas Canosa to print lies about Cuba. The US ruling class 
makes such decisions within the State Department not because of pressure 
from foreign agents.



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