[Marxism] Bill Warren Controversy

Yavuz Tuyloglu yavuztuyloglu at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 29 13:53:04 MST 2006

Thanks for the help Louis...By the way, the photo is taken in Turkey. And how do I know? I am Turkish... Thanks again for the help and amusement provided by Kaloogian...

Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
>I would be glad if anyone could help me with the controversy over Bill 
>Warren's Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism. Especially responses 
>published in journals, if not material on the net....
> Thanks
> Yavuz

You are probably referring to his Kautskyist support of imperialism. I 
cover this question in a more general way at: 
http://clogic.eserver.org/2002/proyect.html. I have to admit that I have 
never read his books and have concentrated more on Robert Brenner, who is 
nowhere near as bad.I also wrote about Warren's opposition to Irish 
nationalism here: http://www.marxmail.org/archives/january99/cockshott.htm

You can also check Jim Blaut's polemic against John Willoughby, who repeats 
many of Warren's arguments, here: 

Here's an article that deals specifically with Warren. It seems okay.




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