[Marxism] Re: The Kurdish question

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 29 16:33:03 MST 2006

Nick H. wrote:
> > Halliday comes to light with an argument that seems to amount to highly
> > speculative proposition that a combination of the resistance and a
> > category he regards as important, Islamicist Kurds, may reconquer the
> > whole of Iraq. Halliday can correct me if I've misinterpreted his view.
>Well Bob the biggest speculation I could make would be that you know
>much of anything at all about Iraq or its Kurds. I'm sorry for that
>speculation. As for bad paraphrase amounting to bad argument, sure,
>it's been done a lot on this and other lists like this. It doesn't
>much impress or phase me.

I have a feeling this is from a debate on another list. I can find nothing 
from Bob Gould that includes the excerpt above. For the sake of clarity, 
let's try to avoid this sort of thing. 

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