[Marxism] Reads on Philanthropic Racism?

RsKlump rsklump at web.de
Thu Mar 30 01:41:12 MST 2006

I’m doing a project on a Danish Colonial Exhibition of 1905, which 
featured the then usual racist “human showcases”.
The exhibition’s board of directors featured some of the top tycoons of 
the Danish bourgeoisie and was also backed by the royal family. These 
people had for one thing in mind, to “educate” their public about the 
great things of colonialism, but also they wanted to raise money with 
the exhibition for summer schools, where poor young girls could learn 
how to sew. The money raising part did not work very well, which is why 
in the midst of the exhibition president and business man Moses Melchior 
ordered “two negro kids” from the then Danish owned West-Indies (now US 
Virgin Islands). The two kids were later put on display in a cage, 
pretty much saving the exhibition from ending as a complete financial 
Anyhow; can anyone recommend reads on the subject of bourgeois 
philanthropy/charity work?  The example, I think, puts the cynicism of 
it right in your face: the richest and most powerful individuals produce 
themselves as the helpers of mankind by collecting very little money 
with a racist show, while upholding all the conditions that produce 
human misery.

Any suggestions?

Rasmus M.

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