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Thu Mar 30 05:27:17 MST 2006

Whist Louis, Brian and Mark have reacted a little dismissively towards Bob 
Gould's post I think that they should give a more consideration to the issue of 
West Papuan autonomy/independence from Indonesia.

This is far from being a remote issue or even one of mere historical 
significance. it has recently been thrust to centre stage for marxists, certainly in 
Australia but I would suggest internationally as well.. The Papuan people have 
never accepted their incorporation into Indonesia which was justified on the 
basis of the common previous Dutch colonial rule.In recent weeks the opposition 
to Indonesian rule has erupted into clashes in which five Indonesian 
police/militia were killed.

Diplomatic relations between Australia and Indonesia have been threatened 
after 42 of 43 Papuan refugees who arrived "illegally" were granted temporary 
protection visas by which they can stay in Australia for at least the next three 

It is not a speculation over Schleswig-Holstein type disputes between 
capitalist powers but a duty of marxists to support the WestPapuan struggle for 
national self-determination.

I will be at a rally in support of the asylum-seekers and of their national 
struggle this Sunday at 12 noon in Sydney's Hyde Park. I don't think it is  an 
adequate response to their struggle to put forward the Brian Shannon position 
which I precis, I hope not unfairly, as whatever so long as imperialism keeps 
hands -off.
Greg Adler

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