Subject: RE: [Marxism] James Petras: The Tyranny Of Israel Over

msiddique at msiddique at
Thu Mar 30 06:29:30 MST 2006

There is no greater threat today for the rest of the world than the policy of hegemony that the neo fascist thugs have formulated (see the PNAC documents), and are implementing (for example in Iraq), and the spineless cowards, also known as the Democrats who supports (by not publicly denouncing policies such a preemptive military invasion of other countries, etc.). With all its faults, USSR was the only check against US imperialism, and with its demise, it is open season for US. And in part this becomes possible because of the ignorance and megalomania of the American people, which makes it easy for the neo fascists to manipulate them to support war, jingoism and justification for its imperialistic policy. Except a small minority of sincere but ineffective progressives, a country that is a million years behind in its naivety, poses the greatest danger for humanity. Its people sees no problem in that it maintains the largest arsenal of destruction in the world, supports building of nuclear killing machine by Israel (and now India, in its hope to buy-up the voraciously consumerist greedy middle class of that country), but brazenly bullies the world in intimidating Iran! Where is the force in the belly of the beast to stop it from continuing to create death and destruction of the rest of the world? Where are the seeds of its destruction?

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