[Marxism] Re: Colloquium

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 30 09:14:15 MST 2006

>Dear Colleague,
>being a long time reader of Marxmail, I turn to you for advise. In Czech 
>Republic we(some left oriented old scientists) try to organize a 
>Colloquium at the occasion of 40th anniversary of publishing a result of 
>collective research in the form of a book, under the title of 
>“Civilization at the Crossroad”. The publication was, of course, very much 
>under the influence of that time environment, therefore many things do not 
>stand the test of present scrutiny. Nevertheless some ideas might be of 
>interest even today. The Colloquium I mentioned, perhaps takes place on 
>September 22, and an introductory paper has been prepared by a last living 
>leading member of Prof. R.Richta(leader of the team, who died in 
>1983)team, a friend of mine, Prof. Filipec (in December he will be 80 
>years). I translated his paper into bad Central European English. It is a 
>kind of historical “relic”. Not everybody will agree with everything, but 
>it is a real view of a real experienced man. I send it in enclosure. Do 
>you thing that it might be of interest beyond the original purpose? Would 
>you, or somebody whom you know, be interested to participate? Any comment 
>of yours would be most appreciated.
>Sincerely your,
>Tibor Va¹ko, Prague

Hello, Tibor

I am sure that Marxmail people will find the document most interesting. I 
have put it on our website for their examination:




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