Useful scapegoats - WAS [Marxism] James Petras: The Tyranny Of Israel Over America

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Thu Mar 30 16:19:40 MST 2006

>From some comments on the list I am left under the impression that the 
famed "Jewish lobby" that has existed in one form or another from 1850 
onward, first in Europe and culminating now in the USA, has taken control 
of the foreign policies of [enter country names here].

In more recent history, American history mind you, the administrations of 
US presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., 
Clinton, and Bush Jr. have all been subverted by mighty Israel and its 
fifth column, the J. Lobby, to benefit the state of Israel against the 
better interests of the USA. Some on this list also "believe" that these 
would be better served by following pro-Arabic policies.

Moreover, the latest "academic" study even posits that, "The Lobby's 
influence has been bad for Israel." American academics, of course, know 
what's best for Israel. Americans, as we all are fully aware, always know 
what's best for the world, including some 195 nations.

James Petras keeps nailing the evil Sayanim who, treasonous as they are, 
put the interests of Israel and the "Jews" before their own countries. 
The danish cartoons were a Mossad conspiracy, in his views. The Iraq War 
is a war made on behalf of Israel has long claimed Justin Raimondo. So, 
according to him, will the next war (Iran) be. From Alex Cockburn, Jeff 
Blankfort, Kathy and Bill Christison, James Petras, Justin Raimondo, Pat 
Buchanan, to a whole lot of useful idiots, Israel and the J. Lobby 
control US destiny (and the entire world, I presume).

Nothing that can be said will sway those people. However, allow me to 
present a few facts for you to ponder.

A - First follow the money:

US financial help to Israel: $3 to 4 billion a year.
Israel Budget: $44 b. (revenues) - 58 b. (expenditures)
Israel GDP: $124 b.

2005 profits by US oil and gas conglomerates: about $63 b. That's 
*profits* only, and do not include Halliburton, security firms (aka, 
mercenaries) and the usual beneficiaries of war (arm manufacturers should 
come to mind here).

Do the math.

B - Israel vs. The "Arab world" (as though there were an "Arab World")

Question: Is it an either or proposition? Some on this list seem to think 

Answer: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Saudi 
Arabia, Oman, UAE (which includes Dubai, that "dangerous" country to US 
ports security), Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, are all governed by pro-USA 
elites. Iraq was not. Iran and Syria, not yet. (Have I missed anyone?)

Rhetorical questions: Were there no oil in the region, how much US 
interests would coincide with Israel's? Were oil located in Alaska or 
Argentina, or on the moon, would the USA be in Iraq? To defend Israel, 

C - The power of the Jewish Lobby in America.

About 80 percent of Jewish Americans are either anti-Zionists, don't 
really care, want a two-state solution, and just struggle with life like 
we all do.

Only 20 percent are somewhat Zionists, of which a tiny few are rabidly 
and racistly involve. (AIPAC has plus or minus 100,000 members.)

The "Jewish" population (scare quotes because I have no idea what it 
means) is 2.3% of the US population. Do your arithmetic and see what 20 
percent of 2.3 percent equals to in the USA.

That minimalist number controls everything, right?

D - Two examples of the Israel/Jewish Lobby power:

1) Jonathan Pollard

2) Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.


There is no way to convince people rationally when emotionalism is at 

There are people who do honestly believe that the US policies toward Cuba 
are dependent on the Florida Cuban Lobby.

Maybe we are in the Congo because of the African-American Lobby.

Everything's possible when one does not think.

I'll avoid the guilt by association tirade by respect for our moderator. 
I'll only suggest that he is incorrect. Judeophobia raises its ugly head 
when it helps the elites, the same way anti-immigrants rhetoric 
(Mexicans, colored, tax evaders, jobs takers, etc.) allows the Lou Dobbs 
of this insanity to have a field day.

In a list that calls itself Marxist, I am bewildered by the poverty of 
thinking on the part of some posters.

But then, what do I know? I'm French, and not a Marxist or otherwise 

Enough said.

Gilles d'Aymery
Swans Commentary

P.S. I have written on and on and on and on, on this crap. Just take the 
time to visit Swans and figure it out.


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