[Marxism] RE: philanthropic racism?

Johanna Ryan jryan at ilcomplaw.com
Thu Mar 30 16:36:00 MST 2006

>From Eugene V. Debs, "What's Wrong with Chicago?"   
Chicago Socialist, October 25, 1902
Reprinted in Eugene V. Debs Speaks  (Pathfinder Press)

With the ten thousand "charities" that are proposed to poultice the
sores and bruises of society, I have little patience.   Worst of all is
the charity ball.   Chicago indulges in these festering festivals on a
grand scale.  

Think of cavorting around in a dress suit because some poor wretch is
hungry; and of indulging in a royal carousal to comfort some despairing
woman on the brink of suicide; and finally, that in "fashionable
society" the definition of this mixture of inanity and moral perversion
is "charity."  

Fleece your fellows!  That is "business," and you are a captain of
industry.  Having "relieved" your victims of their hides, dance and make
merry to "relieve" their agony.  That is "charity," and you are a

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