[Marxism] Do you agree or disagree with the following proposition ?

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This is where the attempt to locate a "foundation" for Marxism really
negates Marxism itself, the practical critique of capitalism and
exploration of the prospects and necessity for its overthrow.

The attempt becomes to find a "biological" basis for Marxism, as opposed
to the actual content of Marxism-- historical analysis.

Somewhere Marx says something like if human beings could live on air
alone then of course there would be no need for discussing any of

Let me offer a minor correction, a "more Marxist" explanation of the
above:  if human beings could live by air alone, then either they
wouldn't be human beings, or someones would have figured out a way to
capture air in a property form and we'd be right where we are.

The point being that what Marx really does is to NOT stand Hegel on his
head, but to turn Hegel right side up-- that spirit, consciousness, is
history, and the content of history is the social organization of labor,
the much discussed, and often despised conflict between the means and
relations of production.

We don't need a biological Marxism anymore than we need a Marxist

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 The below is the answer to the question:

 Why is it that "the written history of all hitherto existing society is
 history of class struggles " ?

> Answer: Because human life, like all plant and animal life must
> biological needs to exist as life at all.
> Marx and Engels are looking for _necessity_  to put historical
> on a scientific basis. In human biology there is necessity, things
that must

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