[Marxism] claiming people

James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 31 03:41:23 MST 2006

Samuel L. Jackson the screen legend was recently interviewed by Kate 
Thornton on British T.V. about working with Colin  Farrell in S.W.A.T. 
when the following conversation took place:

Kate: What's it like working with Colin, 'cos he is just so hot in the 
U.K. right now.

Samuel: He's pretty hot in the U.S. too

Kate: Yea! but he's one of our own!

Samuel: Isn't he from Ireland?

Kate: Yeah, but we claim him 'cos Ireland is beside us.

Samuel: You see that's your problem right there. You British  keep 
claiming people that don't belong to you. We had that problem in 
America too - it was called slavery.

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